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Postcards from Yom Kippur war 1973
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ןילופ - הציבמד ידוהי תליהק לש הירוטסהה לע רקחמ
Debica - The Shtetl


Debica is a little town, 100 km East of Krakow, Poland.
Thousands of Jews lived in Debica in the past.
Part of them left the town in the end of 19th century and in the beginning of 20th century.The others were killed by the Germans during the Second world war.
My grandfather Moses Preker was born in Debica and I am doing a research about the history of the Jews from Debica.
DEBICA - The shtetl, is a memorial WEB site for them.
ןילופ - הציבמדמ רקרפ תחפשמ ישרוש
The Preker`s Roots

Information about my research of the Preker family roots and my travel to Debica - Poland where my grandfather was born on 1897.

םכתחפשמ ישרוש שופיחב טנרטניאב רזעהל ךיא
Our Roots
How the Internet can help you to discover your family roots

רופיכ תמחלמ תפוקתב ל"הצ ילגל ועיגהש םישד תויולג ףסוא
Gali Zhal
Postcards From Yom Kippur War 1973- Israel

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